SEO 101


SEO is the process of placing a website on top of the organic search engine results page. It is one of the leading online marketing strategies and techniques today.

Choosing the Right Keyword

Before you start the SEO work on your website, you should choose the right keyword to focus. A keyword is a word or phrase that people use to find your products and services on search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. You are allowed to target three to five keywords in three months and then move on to another set of keywords after three months. Here are some tips that you can use in choosing the right keywords:

  • Do a keyword research and choose keywords drive a lot of traffic.
  • Choose keywords that are specific and location-based.
  • Avoid general and single word terms. For example, if you sell women’s bags in New York, you should target the keyword “bags”. You can target “women’s bags for sale New York” instead.

SEO Techniques

There are two types of major SEO techniques, namely:

  1. On Page Optimization

This is the process of placing the keywords on various parts of the website, including the meta tag, title tag, and actual content. These parts of the website are crawled by search engines when searching for websites that are related to a specific keyword. So, you have to make sure that keywords are positioned strategically in these areas.


  • Make sure that you have a search engine friendly URL. Shorter URLs are more likely to have better search engine rankings.
  • Use Body tags such as H2, H1, and H3. These tags are used by crawlers to identify important content.
  • Observe the right keyword density. You can’t just stuff the keyword on your articles as this may lead to penalties. So, to make sure that your SEO work has sustainable results, you must keep your keyword density to two to five percent.
  1. Linking or Off Page Optimization

Linking is a powerful technique that has been used by many SEO experts. It is the process of strategically placing links to your website on more popular and reputable website. It drives more traffic to your website and it also increases the visibility of your site on the internet.

In searching for websites that are relevant to a specific keyword, search engines crawl on links. This is the reason why linking is considered as the most powerful SEO strategy to date.

But, not all linking techniques are the same. Some techniques are more effective than others. Here are some effective linking tips that you can use for your SEO work.

  • Avoid buying links from dubious websites and link farms as this can get you banned by search engines.
  • Try different kinds of linking techniques such as forum posting, blog comment posting, or writing articles as a guest on more popular and established blogs.
  • List your website on reputable online directories such as Yellowbook, Foursquare, Whitepages, LinkedIn, OnTopList, Blogged, and Bigger Blogs.

Types of SEO

There are two major types of search engine optimization, namely:

  • Black Hat SEO – This type of SEO work uses unethical techniques and strategies that violate the rules of search engines. These techniques Types of SEOinclude keyword stuffing, hidden keywords, hidden links, using link farms, blog spam, parasite hosting, cloaking, and many other tricks. These techniques are actually effective, but they offer short term results.
  • White Hat SEO This SEO type yields slower, but sustainable results. The techniques used in White Hat SEO are compliant to the rules and regulations of search engines. This type of SEO is best for websites and businesses who want long term results.

Benefits of SEO

Well, SEO is becoming more and more popular because it is effective and cost effective. It drives traffic to the website and it allows businesses to target specific types of people. It has a great ROI and it helps improve the online presence of your business. When it is done right, SEO is an investment that yields great results.